Technology is a necessary, integrated element of daily life. As such, we have implemented a 1:1 technology program, which means that every student has a laptop or tablet for use. With a variety of digital resources and learning opportunities, our students learn the skills they need to succeed in today’s tech climate.

Tech Hotline

If you are a student having issues with your device, you or your parent can call (812) 352-1921 to leave a message for the Technology Department. Please provide the following information: your name, phone number, student name, student school, and describe the issue that is occurring. A school tech will call back during the designated eLearning hours.

eLearning Days

An eLearning day is a virtual learning opportunity for JCSC students that allows them to complete their academic assignments outside of the traditional school location and time period during inclement weather. JCSC eLearning days count as regular academic days on the school calendar and may occur on a scheduled make-up day or on the actual day of bad weather.

During an eLearning day, students practice skills they need for future success in the workplace. Teachers use virtual tools (e.g., phone, email, Google Classroom) to guide instruction and answer questions throughout the day. During a JCSC eLearning day, students have full access to online instruction provided by their individual teachers.