Supplemental Instruction

Jennings County School Corporation provides supplemental reading help to children in the primary grades. We receive funding for this program from the federal government's Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title I.

Who Can Participate?

Students who receive this supplemental instruction include children who experience difficulty in reading and who need additional instructional help to perform at a level that is appropriate for their age. The Jennings County School Corporation Title I Program emphasis is concentrated at the primary level.

PAC Role

Parent Advisory Councils at each of the elementary schools assist school district personnel in planning the project and in informing parents of the project's goals. Title I project officials believe that a child's chances for success in reading will be greatly enhanced if parents are informed and involved in the child's learning activities. Title I Parent Advisory Councils strive to inform and involve parents of their child's activities in meaningful ways.

We encourage parents who wish to know about the Title I activities or who wish to become active members of a parent advisory council to contact the principal of the elementary school their child attends.