Choose Us

Education opens doors, ignites the mind, and creates opportunity. It forms the basis for a solid foundation for our youth as they forge their future. We understand that choosing where to educate your children is not a decision to take lightly. We are parents and caregivers just like you, and we are here to help guide you through this important process. On this page we share just a few reasons why JCSC is an excellent choice in education.

We Have What You Want

  • Highly qualified teachers. Our educators meet all state requirements for the designation of “highly qualified.” And just as importantly, we take care to hire faculty who share our passion for education. It is this passion and drive that makes all the difference.
  • Relevant curriculum. Our curriculum is intentionally mapped to ensure adherence to the Indiana Academic Standards in all core subjects. Students may participate in elective courses suited to their unique interests.
  • Safe, well-maintained facilities. Safety is always our priority. Our facilities are secure, safe, and clean.
  • Community involvement. Our people are our greatest resource. We enjoy the benefits of a supportive community and many business partners. Working together, we are better.
  • Dual Enrollment. Jennings County High School offers students the opportunity to take up to 43 different dual credit offerings during their high school experience. These deal credit agreements are through Indiana University, Ivy Tech Community College, and Vincennes University. Students also have the ability to earn the Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) completely at Jennings County High School. The STGEC allows students the ability to transfer 30 credit hours from high school dual credit classes to any public university in Indiana. The STGEC and dual credit offerings at Jennings County High School have saved families and students thousands of dollars when they enter college.

We Have What Students Want—And What They Need

  • Athletics. Top-notch coaching, committed athletes, and a supportive community. Go Panthers!
  • Clubs. Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in our special interest clubs and activities where they can develop new skills and make new friends.
  • College Prep. Our guidance counselors are in tune with the students, and they know what colleges expect. We guide and help our students to meet those expectations.
  • Exceptional Learning Programs. We offer programming designed to meet the cognitive and physical ability levels of all of our students.
  • Fine Arts. From the drama on stage to the marching band on the football field to the paintbrush on canvas, students have the opportunity to explore and participate in creative endeavors at every grade level.
  • STEM. Science, technology, engineering, and math. With so much opportunity and so much to learn in these fields, the possibilities are endless. The STEM curriculum engages students with hands-on learning activities, encouraging curiosity and creativity.
  • Technology. It’s here to stay, and it’s evolving at lightning speeds. With 1:1 device deployment, students develop digital citizenship while they interact with and use technology in practical applications.