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Special Services

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Welcome to Jennings County Special Programs!

Jeanie Koelmel, Director of Programs
Mona Huckelberry, Special Programs Supervisor
Deron Brown, School Psychologist
Taryn Broadus, Director of Nursing


Jennings County Special Programs provides students with identified disabilities, a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) that meets state standards listed in Indiana's special education rules called "Article 7". Article 7 is based on the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the federal regulations. Article 7 consists of rules describing how special education and related services are to be determined and provided by Indiana's public schools. Parents may down load from this web site, using "Special Links" or contact the special education office to obtain a copy of Article 7 or (IDEA).

A student identified with disabilities may receive special education services from the public school from the time the student is 3 until he or she is 22 years of age. School personnel or the parent may refer a student for an initial educational evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation, a case conference committee meets to decide if a student is eligible for special education services. During the meeting, the committee develops the student's individualized educationl plan (IEP) and discusses the need for related services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, transportation, etc.


A student may be referred for special programs by parents, teachers, school personnel, or other agencies. Referral forms may be acquired by contacting the building principal. Referrals can not be processed without the written consent of the child's legal parent or guardian. There is no charge for Special Education services provided by the Jennings County Schools.


To be eligible for special programs, a student must be listed under one or more of the following disability areas:

*Autism Spectrum Disorder; *Specific Learning Disability; *Language or Speech Impairment; *Cognitive Disability; *Deaf or Hard of Hearing; *Multiple Disabilities; *Emotional Disability; *Orthopedic Impairment; *Hearing Impairment; *Traumatic Brain Injury; *Developmental Delay (Early Childhood); * Blind or Low Vision; * Other Health Impairment


Did you know?
  • Article 7, Indiana's Special Education Rules, provides for students education in private and home schools.
  • Jennings County Public Schools has an obligation to serve special education students enrolled in a private or a home school.
  • Jennings County Schools will conduct evaluations and Annual Case Reviews to review needs and progress of special education students in private or home schools.
  • If you believe your child needs an educational evaluation, your public school can provide that service.
If you have a child in a private or home school and the student may qualify or has qualified for special services, please contact Jennings County Special Programs office at 812-346-4483 ex. 1 for information.