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Drinking Water

Public Notification for Lead in Drinking Water

The Safe Drinking Water Act passed by Congress in 1986 requires notification to all consumers about possible lead con­tamination in drinking water. The Jennings County School Corporation district will continue to carefully monitor its water quality. Steps being taken include: scheduled testing of drinking water, replacing lead pipes and service connections and making sure that lead does not become a problem in the drinking water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets drinking water standards and has determined that lead is a health con­cern at certain levels of exposure. The standard is 0.050 parts per million (pm). Part of the purpose of this notice is to inform all consumers of the potential adverse health effects of lead. This is being done even though the drinking water may not be in violation of the current standard. EPA and others are concerned about lead in drinking water because too much can cause serious damage to the human brain, kidneys, nervous system, and red blood cells. The greatest risk, even with short term exposure, is to young children and pregnant women. If you have any questions about the drinking water at Jennings County School Corporation or testing information, please call Administrative Assistant support services at 812-346-4483.