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Jennings County School Corporation believes that a more healthful educational environment and more healthy body and mind can be achieved through the prohibition and possession of all tobacco products. Therefore, all smoking and usage of tobacco products or tobacco product substitutes, and the possession of these products on any school property, bus stop, school vehicle, or any other setting that is under the control and supervision of the School District is prohibited. Any student who violates this policy will be subject to discipline procedures.


Jennings County School Corporation believes that the use of tobacco products in a school building or on school property denies others access to clean air and introduces a substantial health hazard to those persons.

All JCSC buildings are to be smoke-free 24 hours a day. Employees who choose to use tobacco products must engage in this activity only in their personal vehi­cles if on school property. Visitors may not use tobacco products in any school building at any time .

Visitors are requested not to use tobacco products on school property where there are students and nonsmokers present during after school hours. Smoking is not permitted in the athletic bleachers or press boxes.

During school activities, visitors who wish to use tobacco products are to do so only in designated areas.
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