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Middle School

Regular school attendance will aid greatly in promoting the success of students. The educational process requires a continuous sequence of instruction. Attendance broken by a period of absence this instruction can never be fully regained by extra work. The regular contact of students with one another in the classroom and their partici­ pation in learning activities under the supervision of a qualified teacher will assist each student in attaining his/her maximum potential. The primary purpose of this attendance policy is to develop a sense of responsibility, to pro­mote punctuality, to develop traits of good citizenship, and to enhance academic success. It is with these purpos­es in mind that this attendance policy and the implementation procedures described are approved.


Absences will be classified as excused, (student receives make-up work), unexcused or truant (student does not receive make-up worK) depending on the reason for the absence.

1. EXCUSED-A student will be excused for the following reasons:
  • Personal illness verified by parent/guardian contact within two days of absence
  • Serious illness in the immediate family.
  • Students may be excused for other reason if the parent makes a request in writing PRIOR to the request ed absence. The school may approve an absence without prior notice if circumstances reasonably pre­vented the student from having obtained prior permission.
The following are excused days not counted toward the seven day absence limit.
  • Absences covered by a doctor's written statement verifying each date of absence.
  • Death in immediate family.
  • Work rendered on election day (requires documentation) or work rendered as a legislative page
  • Court subpoena
  • College visitation
  • Field trips
2. UNEXCUSED - All other absences from school will be considered unexcused. A student with an unexcused absence will receive no make-up work. If parent/guardian contact is not received within two school days following the absence, the student may be considered truant.

3.TRUANT - A student will be considered as if he or she is absent from school all or part of a day if:
  • The absence is without the prior knowledge and consent of either the parent or school.
  • A "fictitious' phone call is received by the school excusing the absence
  • A forged note is received excusing an absence.
  • The student forges or alters a pass.
  • A student is released to another room, office, or assigned area and the student does not report and/or does not stay after reporting.
  • A student does not arrive at their assigned destination within a reasonable amount of time as determined by the teachers(s), principals(s) or attendance officer.
  • A student is found in any unauthorized hallway, room or area without a valid pass.
  • A student leaves school grounds once they arrive, or leaves the building once they have entered without permission from a principal or the attendance officer.
On the fifth truancy (this includes both out of school and out of class truancies) the students can be placed on 10 days OSS pending g a due process hearing.

A student who commits an act of truancy will receive no make-up work.


In order for an absence to be excused the parent/guardian must call the attendance office, send a note from home or provide a medical excuse. The parent/guardian must make prior arrangements for absences due to spe­ cial events or personal business.

Upon the seventh absence a letter will be sent home to the parent/guardian notifying them of their student's exces­ sive absenteeism and reinforcing the importance of good attendance.

Upon the tenth absence the student will be placed on an attendance contract.

Any absence beyond the tenth, during the entire school year, must be for medical or dental appointments, serious illness, or injury to the student or serious illness, injury or death to a member of the student's immediate family to be excused for the student to receive make-up work. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration by the principal or his designee.

Any student who accumulates ten days of absences will be prohibited from attending field trips or college days, unless they receive administrative permission due to extenuating circumstances.

*Work Permits may be revoked due to poor attendance.

*Severe cases of poor attendance may be prose­ cuted under Indiana's Compulsory Attendance Laws.


If a student who is an AFDC recipient fails to meet Jennings County School's standards for attendance because of unexcused absences, AFDC benefits shall be reduced by ninety dollars (S90) per month if the parent or guardian fails or refuses to comply with the school and the student's attendance is at an unacceptable level. The Jennings County School District considers three (3) unexcused absences as unacceptable.

  1. It is the student's responsibility to remind their parent/guardian to call the school on the day the student is absent. When such a call has been made, students are to report directly to class when they return to school.
  2. When a student returns to school following an absence and there has been no parent/guardian contact, the student will be unexcused for that day or the portion of the day missed. If parent/guardian contact has been made within one day, the student will be excused for that day.
  3. When a student returns to school following an excused absence, the student is responsible for asking the teacher for make-up work in each class. Failure to ask for make-up work or failure to satisfactorily complete and turn in make-up work within the time allotted will result in a loss of credit for missed work.
  4. Morning SCC students are expected the same attendance procedures as all other students.

On the day that a student is absent from school, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to call the school. ATTENDANCE OFFICE at 346-4081 and report the reason for the student's absence. Calls are to be made within two days of the absence.

If the parent/guardian does not have access to a phone or if calling the school would create an undue hardship or problem, he/she should contact the attendance officer so arrangements may be made to accept notes in lieu of phone calls.

In the event of an extended absence 2 or more days from school the parent/guardian should contact the JCHS Guidance Office at 346-5625 to request homework.

  1. Students are considered to be tardy if they are not in their assigned seat or work area when the tardy bell- rings or they arrive late to class without a pass.
  2. Students who are tardy to first period must report to the attendance office befor going to first period class.
  3. All student tardies are to be reported to the attendance office. Upon the fifth cumulative tardy, student will begin receiving disciplinary actionincluding, but not limited to after-school detention, Saturday School, out-of-school suspension or expulsion from school.

All students who arrive at school after 8:25 a.m. must report to the attendance office. If a student fails to report to the attendance office when they arrive late to school, absences in the missed classes will be considered as unexcused. This procedure includes morning SCC students. Students who are habitually late to school may lose driving privileges.

  1. Any student who needs to leave school early must receive approval to leave from the attendance office or health center.
  2. Students will be excused to leave early if they are recommended to leave by the school nurse, have a medical or dental appointment, a serious illness or death in the immediate family and have prior parent/guardian permission. Students may be permitted to leave for other reasons with parent/guardian permission, but the absence may be considered as unexcused.
To qualify for a perfect attendance certificate, a student must be enrolled for the full year and not record any absences or tardies to any class during the year. Habitually going to the health center, or leaving school early would disqualify a student for a perfect attendance certificate.

To qualify for a commendable attendance certificate, a student must be enrolled for the entire year, be in atten­dance each school day and not have any disciplinary reports for excessive tardiness. Repeated requests to leave school early may disqualify a student from commendable attendance.

Students coming on campus are to remain in the school building for the rest of the school day. Students are not allowed in parking lot areas. Permission from the attendance office must be obtained before a student may leave the school grounds during the school day.
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