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A Parent's Pledge

I know that children learn best when families and schools work together. As a parent, I pledge to:
  • Spend some time talking and listening to my child every day.
  • Praise my child for good work in school and good behavior at home.
  • Help my child develop self-confidence and self-discipline.
  • Talk with my child's teacher about how my child is doing in school .
  • Encourage reading. I will read to my child, and I will listen as my child reads to me.
  • Make sure my child gets healthy meals, enough sleep, and good exer­cise every day.
  • Love my child enough to say NO when necessary.
  • Help my child discover the joy that learning and thinking can bring at any age
  • Talk with my child about school work.
  • Set a regular time and place for school work. During this time, there will be NO television, NO radio, NO phone calls
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