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Substitute Teacher Qualifications and Information

Jennings County Schools in accordance with the district's plan to have a highly qualified professional and support staff has opted to seek substitute teachers who, according to NCLB, meet the requirement of highly qualified teacher.

Certification Requirements

Jennings County Schools does not accept GEDs.

Level I: Minimum requirements to be a substitute teacher in Jennings County Schools' grades K-12 are:
  1. To have graduated from an accredited high school.
  2. Provide documented appropriate paid and/or voluntary work with children/young adults.
  3. Have special training or work experience relevant to the content area-e.g., vocational areas, science or physical education.
  4. Have successful experience in a school district as an instructional aide, volunteer, etc. Applicants must provide a high school transcritp and/or a copy of their high school diploma. Jennings County Schools will untilize substitutes from this category only if no higher qualified individuals are available.
Level II: Requirements:
  1. Must hold an Associates, Bachelors, or higher degree (but does not hold an Indiana Teacher's license).
  2. Have a minimum equivalent of two years of accredited college work.
  3. Must hold a high school diploma and have passed the Prarpro Praxis test, based on the State of Indiana's level of acceptance for passing Parapro Praxis test, completed course work such as college transcripts and/or copy of their diploma.
Level III: Requirements:
  1. Must hold a valid Indiana Teacher's license, which is to be submitted with the initial application.
  2. Meet all local requirement and criteria for substitute teaching. *Licensed Teachers do not need to apply for an Indiana Substitute Teacher's certificate.
Level IV: Requirements:
  1. A former teacher who has retired in good standing, and has his/her name on the JCS Substitute Teacher list.
  2. Holds a valid Indiana Teacher's license.



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