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We provide all students in the Jennings County Schools an equal opportunity to reach their fullest potential by promoting programs and concepts that support quality opportunities and instruction.  


Jennings County teachers, guidance, media, special service,and administrative staff continuously review and update curriculum to ensure content appropriate for today and tomorrow.


Staff members are provided continuous professional growth opportunities to explore content and teaching methods which will enhance student learning.


Our elementary schools provide a sound foundation for student academic development. Jennings County Schools participate in RTI, a program which supports remediation for students struggling with a particular skill. Special academic needs are met through a continuum of offerings which includes Title I reading programs, counseling services, assistance for the handicapped, and high ability programs.


Our middle school provides the bridge between elementary and high school. This "middle school concept" provides exploratory experiences, as well as basic skill instruction, remediation, and enrichment in several academic areas. The curriculum also offers the opportunity to earn high school credits in certain areas.  Adolescent development is a special concern and our middle school curriculum considers both the academic and personal needs of the students.


Our high school provides a variety of over 150 course selections. We offer vocational courses, cooperative ventures with local businesses, advance placement courses, dual credit courses, and fine arts. Graduates must now earn 42 Credits for a General Diploma, 44 for Core 40, 48 for Academic Honors and pass the ECA - End of Course Assessment Examine to be eligible for a JCHS diploma.


Through the Southeastern Indiana Area Vocational School, Jennings County Schools offers vocational classes in machine shop, cosmetology, food service, diesel and auto mechanics, building trades program onside, printing, distributive education, industrial training, auto and body shop, nurses aid, and office education. Several of these classes are cooperative programs through which students are employed during the mornings or afternoons.


The Jennings County Educational Center is designed to serve community members who want to earn a high school equivalent diploma, refresh their basic educational skills, advance their computer knowledge, or desire to complete their high school diploma.


Fresh Start is an alternative educational placement for students in grades 6-8. The students assigned to Fresh Start will complete academic and behavioral goals identified in their Individual Service Plan. Fresh Start provides an alternative educational placement for students who are at risk of dropping out or withdrawing from school. Activities emphasize improved attendance, study skills and classes that assist students in earning high school credits toward graduation. The program uses the traditional classroom and computer lab setting, as well as the addition of community service as part of the curriculum.


Restart provides an alternative setting for students who are unable to attend classes in a general school setting as a result of violating school rules. Restart is an alternative to expulsion from school. Restart uses the traditional classroom and computer lab settings to allow students to continue to make academic progress.
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