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It is fully in accord with the purposes of the modern school to encourage wide use of the buildings and grounds by community groups (when possible). Many school systems extend their facilities and services to community uses of an educational, cultural, patriotic, philanthropic or civic nature. Any such extensions must, of course, be within legal limits. In addition, it is highly desirable that the Board adopt a policy and rules and regulations regarding the use of buildings and facilities.
  1. The Board of School Trustees is obligated to the public for protection, proper use, and supervision of public school property is never for "rent" in the sense that commercial buildings and equipment are available. School facilities must be in complete daily readiness for their designated functions of educating children.
  2. The purpose of usage, and consistency with the aims and ideals of public education, and the welfare of the community will be the guiding principle relative to the use of school properly.
  3. It is understood that in all cases the regular school activities or organizations of the school have first prefer­ence when requesting the use of any part of the building.
  4. The use of school buildings and grounds on Sundays or legal holidays is discouraged and must receive prior approval  from the superintendent.
  5. School property generally will not be rented to individuals, groups, or organizations whose purpose is individ­ual, profit or gain. When admissions are charged, the proceeds should go for charitable purposes. When and if such a request is granted, the fees charged will be greater than for non-profit or organization.
  6. School property generally will not be rented to individuals, without a sponsoring group or organization from Jennings County.
  7. The school will remain impartial toward programs of a political nature and strive to give equal opportunity for use of school property to all political parties.
  8. No activity of an immoral, subversive, or disruptive nature is to be permitted in any school.
  9. Smoking is prohibited in school buildings.
  10. Special equipment shall be operated by employees or other persons authorized by the school principal. The use of equipment in the cafeteria shall be directed and supervised by regular cafeteria personnel.
  11. Applicants requesting modifications or change in the arrangement of school facilities and/or equipment shall first secure permission of the school principal and shall bear the full expense of such move.
  12. Use of school property or equipment may require a fee or deposit. No signs. Displays or materials may be attached, nailed or otherwise affixed to floors, walls, window glass, woodwork, draperies, stage, curtains, grounds or drives without express permission of the principal.
  13. It may be necessary for some organizations (depending on the size of the group and the nature of the pro­gram) to have police, firemen and parking lot attendants. These personnel will be secured and supervised by the renter.
  14. The facilities of our schools are not to be rented to a group for any religious activity which will continue over an extended period of time. The School Board believes that it cannot provide a religious group with a meeting place on a continuous basis.
  15. Permission to use school property is not to be considered as a lease and is not transferable.
  16. The applying organization through their representative will accept the responsibility for any damage to school property due to such occupancy and to strictly observe the policies of the Board of Trustees relative to the use of school property and shall provide proof of appropriate insurance coverage for the event.
    1. School personnel will be paid by Jennings County School Corporation.
    2. The renter will make payment directly to Jennings County School Corporation and not to the principal or custodian.
  17. The principal will determine what personnel are needed to properly supervise any activity or is needed to protect and safeguard school property.
  18. Charges for use of school property are not to be considered as "rent" but are simply reimbursement to the school system for wear and tear on the facilities, the extra expenses of the utilities, and the salary of person­nel required to work the extra time period.
  19. Custodian and other personnel are to be on duty in adequate time prior to the scheduled opening of the building for an activity, remain as long as is necessary to properly close, secure and prepare the building for the next day's classes.
  20. When groups desire to use school facilities, the following procedures must be followed:
    1. The application for use of school facilities shall go the building principal.
    2. The applicant should prepare the application form in duplicate so that one copy can be returned to the principal and one copy can be retained in the Superintendent's Office. Copies of this application form are available in each school principal's office.
    3. The applicant should fill out the form completely so that the school is aware of the exact facilities that the renter desires. Liability insurance certificates most accompany the application_
    4. The principal will forward the request, with his approval or denial, listing all applicable charges to the Superintendent or designee.
    5. The Superintendent or designee will approve or deny the request and notify in writing the applicant. The principal will notify the staff involved.
    6. All groups must comply with the State Fire Marshal and other state regulations.
  21. When custodians are required, a fee shall be paid according to the building use fee list.
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