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Children learn by imitating. Be the kind of person you want your child to be.
  • If you treat others COURTEOUSLY and fairly, so will he.
  • If you LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE and try to help them, so will she.
  • If you show RESOURCEFULNESS, so will he.
  • If you KEEP CALM when things go wrong, so will she.
  • If you SHOW YOUR LOVE, so will she.
  • If you RESPECT HIM, he'll respect you.
  • If you HAVE SELF-DISCIPLINE, she'll learn it too.
  • If you tackle problems with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE ("I can do it") rather than a negative attitude ("Oh no, what will I do now?")
Your child will learn to do the same.

Why Read Aloud?
  • Re-enforced lifelong reading
  • Allows for nurturing of shared experiences
  • Demonstrates the connections between oral & written language
  • Arouses the imagination
  • Leads to knowledge about t variety of literature & authors
  • Offers opportunities for active listening
  • Utilizes appropriate language patterns
  • Develops achievement potential
How To Read Aloud?
  • Preview and practice reading the book
  • Set aside a time each day for reading aloud
  • Vary the length and subject matter
  • Adjust yur pace and intonation to fit the story
  • Select books that are interesting for your audience
  • Allow time for students to react to the selection through conversation role-play
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